This report is the result of an inventory and assessment of different land-use models that are (or have been) in use in different parts of the world.

It reviews some of the (in the authors view) most interesting and widely used land-use models in the world at scientific academies and at planning agencies. However, one initial conclusion from our survey is that there is an abundance of different types of land-use models being developed in world, and that it is impossible to cover all of them. Therefore, this report does not claim to be a complete survey. Instead, it should be seen as an assessment of the most common and popular land-use models.

This work has been led by Ryan Weber, research fellow at Nordregio. The report has been written by Lars Berglund and Svante Berglund, senior analysts at WSP Analysis & Strategy.

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Annex 1: Model Inventory

Annex 2: Model Assessment – Assembly

Annex 3: Model Classification – Assembly