Nordregio contributes to “Arctic indicators and scenarios workshop”

Two Senior Research Fellows Timothy Heleniak and Anna Karlsdóttir from Nordregio will share insights and results from former and ongoing Arctic research. The aim of the workshop is to gather international experts for the discussion on how to manage sustainable development planning in the Arctic region in the context of multiple pressures.

Demands for sustainable development at a time of rapid environmental and social change in the Arctic have increased the need for tools that can help decision makers assess capacities for navigating uncertainty. The specific focus will be on identifying the needs for further method development to make such tools useful in local and national decision-making processes related to extractive industries and for overall assessments related to the Sustainable Development Goals in the Arctic. The workshop will address two key questions:

How could scenario methods help inform the development of relevant indicators for sustainability in the context on the long-term impacts of extractive industries on Arctic communities?
How can different indicators or indicator domains be integrated into tools that can be used in social and environmental impact assessments and policy?

Timothy Heleniak will present a paper titled “Polar peoples in the future” about the future size and composition of the Arctic population and Anna Karlsdóttir will share the experience of developing policy recommendations on basis of foresight workshops during the work of Nordic Arctic Working Group 2013-2016. The workshop is co-organized by the Nordforsk-funded project Resource Extraction and Sustainable Arctic Communities and Mistra Arctic Sustainable Development and New Governance with supplemental funding from the Swedish Research Council Formas.

The workshop will take place at Stockholm Environment Institute, Stockholm, on 7-8 September.