Megatrends in the Arctic

Report from Nordic Council of Ministers’ seminar at Nordregio 29th May 2012. At the Ministerial meeting at the Arctic Council in Nuuk in May 2011 the book Megatrends was presented as an input to the discussions concluding Denmark’s chairmanship of the Arctic Council.

As a follow up on the Megatrends book the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Secretariat took the initiative for a seminar where the megatrends could be discussed.

The seminar was arranged by Nordregio and the Nordic Council of Ministers and held on May 29th 2012 at Nordregio in Stockholm. In this report the presentations, discussions and conclusions from the seminar are presented.

One of the aims of the seminar was that the results from the seminar can lead to developing exciting new projects and cooperation on a Nordic level about the Arctic.