Sustainable Business Development in the Nordic Arctic

This publication has been produced as part of the project Foresight Analysis for Sustainable Regional Development in the Nordic Arctic, commissioned by the Nordic Working Group for Sustainable Regional Development in the Arctic. The Working Paper contributes with insight into the key areas of private business activities in the Nordic Arctic of large-scale industries, the bioeconomy, tourism, and the field of creative industries in an Arctic context.

The purpose of this publication is to contribute to an understanding of the opportunities and challenges for sustainable regional development with a focus on key private sector business activities in the Nordic Arctic. The Nordic Arctic comprises all of Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Iceland, and the northernmost counties of Norway (Nordland, Finnmark, Troms), Sweden (Norrbotten) and Finland (Lapland). Th e report will shed light on today’s role of the selected industries in the economy of the Nordic Arctic region and consider future development options. Furthermore, the study aims to identify the main challenges associated with the development of economic activities from the perspective of social, environmental and economic sustainable development.