Johanna Roto

GIS/Cartography Coordinator

Johanna is no longer employed by Nordregio, for contact or further information, please contact [email protected]

Academic qualifications
MSc in Human Geography, University of Helsinki, Finland

Prior positions
Centre for Urban and Regional Studies, Helsinki University of Technology 2005-2006

“37 years old male meets 40 years old female in a city – Demographic changes in Norway and in the Nordic Countries”
– Increasing urbanization, mobility and aging of population are high on the agenda when talking about the demographic changes and challenges of today. But how does Norway look like compared to the other Nordic Countries and the rest of Europe?
By Johanna Roto

The article is published in Plan no 5, 2011 and based on Nordregio Working Paper 2011:9  Demography in the Nordic Countries – a synthesis report