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Nordregio celebrates 20 years anniversary together with a series of lunch seminars

Nordregio celebrates its jubilee with a series of lunch seminars together with guest speakers from Nordregio’s past and future. Lunch seminars take place at Nordregio, in Stockholm throughout the year. Nordregio alumni and partners are warmly welcome to participate in the lunch seminars by signing up beforehand to Ann-Louise Lindqvist. Upcoming Nordregio jubilee lunch seminars 2017 5 December 11.45-13.15, the last lunch seminar with Ole Damsgaard Our last lunch seminar of 2017 will be held by former Nordregio Director Ole Damsgård. This will also be the last in a whole series of lectures and events marking the 20th anniversary of Nordregio. Throughout his career, Ole Damsgård has worked with spatial planning and development, as a regional planner, as director of the Danish Town Planning Institute and as a teacher in a number of institutions, the latest being a position as lecturer at ETH University in Zürich. Ole was director of Nordregio from 2005 – 2013 and since 2013 he has worked as head of the Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme, part of the European Territorial Cooperation Objective, also known as Interreg, supported by the European Regional Development Fund. His main focus is on ultra-peripheral and Arctic areas. In his talk, “Today hot, tomorrow not. Reflections on client-based research”, Ole will reflect on his time at Nordregio and the need for research on and in the Arctic region. Past events 27 October 11.45-13.15, lunch seminar with Hólmfríður Bjarnadóttir“Environmental requirements in land use planning” 8 September, lunch seminar with Tuija Hilding-Rydevik“Environmental issues are far from reality” 15 May, lunch seminar with Kaisa Lähteenmäki-Smith‘Experimental culture as part of evidence-informed policy in Finland’, and reflections on the transition between employment at Nordregio and next/current workplace. 21 April, lunch seminar with Kai Böhme and Erik GløersenThe experience from the European consultancy sector to life at…

Launch meeting: Social Green – Regional Policies towards Greening the Social Housing Sector

LAUNCH MEETING, 25 October in Matosinhos, Portugal Welcome to the Regional Policies towards Greening the Social Housing Sector launch meeting in Portugal 25 October 10:00-13:00. The launch is organized back to back with the project kick-off meeting, including study visit and political board 25-27 October. Registrations: The Social Green project intends to address the issue of green social housing in order to contribute to reduce the GHG emissions as well as to reduce the fuel poverty indicators in EU regions towards a lower carbon economy. In more concrete terms, Social Green aims promote the greening of the social housing sector through mutual learning and development of improved regional policies. It will provide the opportunity to explore green building practices and significantly reduce GHG emissions through cost-effective means while providing much needed housing in a healthy and sustainable manner. Through interregional cooperation Social Green stakeholder regions will identify, share and transfer innovative methodologies, processes and good practices in developing and implementing greener social housing sector policies, targeting new constructions or retrofitting existing buildings. The partnership includes 8 partners from 6 countries (Portugal, Spain, Croacia, Estonia, Sweden, Romania), with capacity to influence the policy instruments related to greening the social housing sector. Nordregio will be lead partner as well as advisory partner by providing scientific and technical support to the consortium. The other partners, mainly municipalities, energy agencies and Managing Authorities will jointly work in the development of the main project’s activities, mainly to develop a produce regional self-assessment reports and regional action plans.