11, 18, 23 November: Nordregio Forum 2020: Housing, Skills and Inclusive planning

Welcome to Nordregio Forum 2020: Housing, Skills and Inclusive planning – three digital events that dig deeper into some of the hottest topics on the Nordic agenda.

Marking the end of the Nordic collaboration programme for regional development 2017-2020 with three digital events, we will share final results from the thematic groups and discuss with external experts. Starting on the 11th of November with “Non-functioning housing markets in the Nordics”, continuing on the 18th with “Planning and policies for inclusive towns and cities” and finally we round-up with “Skills, matching and future workplaces” on the 23rd of November.

The events are closely connected to the work of the Nordic Thematic Groups on Regional Development and Planning 2017-2020.

More information and the full programme