Agenda 2030: Empowering youth for more sustainable communities

Youth engagement has become a priority issue for local decision-makers who strive to create more sustainable, inclusive, and vibrant communities, in line with the global Agenda 2030.

But how can municipalities reach and engage youth? How can youth have real influence over decisions that concern them? How do you set expectations right and follow up in an inclusive way?

Many Nordic municipalities have developed practical tools, event formats, and processes that ensure systematic engagement and follow-up. Learn more about these examples, and ask your questions during the webinar with the following featured municipalities and NGO’s:

  • Gladsaxe, DK – Line Vind
  • Hafnarfjörður, IS – Elín Helga Björnsdóttir
    Ways to include youth in local SDG work and become a UN child-friendly city in line with the Convention of the Rights of the child
  • Tierp, SE – Sara Sjöqvist
    How to engage youth in dialogue on mental health, and digital dialogue methods through the new app Young in Tierp
  • Korsholm, FI – Ulrica Taylor
    Ways of empowering children and youth in municipal Agenda 2030 work
  • Future Minds, SE – Caroline Bodin
    High school hackathons as a method for youth to engage in solving local SDG challenges
  • Youth 2030, SE– Frank Berglund, commentator
    NGO engaged in increasing youth influence in society

The event is part of Nordregio’s peer-to-peer learning project to support the implementation of Agenda 2030 at the local level across the Nordics. The project is financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers.