Conference “Inclusive society from a child’s perspective”

Nordregio joins the Nordic-Baltic Conference “Inclusive Society from a child’s perspective’’ organised by the Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Lithuania on 17-18 November 2021 in Vilnius Townhall.

The conference aims at sharing knowledge and good practices on strengthening children’s wellbeing from a child rights perspective, with a focus on integrated child protection and welfare services, especially to the most vulnerable children. With good examples from practitioners, presentations of researchers from the Nordic-Baltic region, discussions on child-friendly governance and the voices of children and youth themselves, the conference will present different ways towards an inclusive society from a child rights perspective.

Nordregio’s researcher Diana Huynh is moderating the panel with Mayors from Nordic and Baltic cities and the winners of the “City of tomorrow: Child-Friendly City Hackathon”. The session will delve into what the Mayors together with youth can do to make their cities and communities more inclusive for children and young people.