Forum on Local Economic Development in Latin America and the Caribbean

The 3rd Forum for the Local Economic Development in Latin America and the Caribbean will take place in Barranquilla Colombia, between the 7th and 9th of May, 2019.

This event brings together leaders and practitioners from national and subnational governments, the private sector, academia, civil society and others. The aim is to provide a platform for promoting international dialogue, sharing experiences and for developing new partnerships across countries and local levels.

Under invitation from the UNDP, Alberto Giacometti, Research Fellow at Nordregio is holding a presentation on the in-depth study carried out on Regional economic and Social Resilience: An Exploratory In-Depth Study in the Nordic Countries. This session aims at introducing an external perspective to that of Latin America and the Caribbean. First, pointing out different types of ‘risks’ and ‘stress’ that threaten resilience in local communities in the Nordic regions. And secondly, this seminar addresses experiences of these communities in responding to such threats. Far from bringing a recipe ready to ‘copy-and-paste’, the intention is to generate debate about the role of the human factor for structural change. And particularly, how, bottom-up initiatives in accordance with the characteristics and competitive advantages of each territory strengthen the ‘adaptive capacity’ of their local communities.

Experts, policy-makers, practitioners and other relevant professionals are cordially invited to share insights from their local perspectives to broaden the debate. To motivate discussion the participants will be asked to reflect on:

What risks and long-term challenges can be identified to threaten local communities in Latin America and the Caribbean? 

Find out more about the event here.