Policy workshop: Integrating Climate into Macroeconomic Modelling

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On the 15th of September between 13:00 – 14:30 CEST the Integrating Climate into Macroeconomic Modelling (ICMM) project invites experts and practitioners to discuss policy challenges and model capabilities in the Nordic countries.

The goal of the workshop is to facilitate exchange on the current challenges in relation to the use of modelling tools in each stage of the policy cycle, from policy design and planning to policy evaluation. 

 The focus will be on:

  • Sharing the preliminary results from the TERM-Nordic model: TERM-Nordic is a computable general equilibrium model designed to explore the effects of climate policies on household finances across the Nordic Region.

  • Knowledge exchange: Learn from the experiences of other countries and share your views on the use and application of existing integrated climate-finance models in policy making.

  • Expanding your network: Meet and exchange ideas with key experts and policy actors in the Nordic Region.

Who might benefit?

  • Experts in different research institutions and other organisations linked to model development in each country, and policy officers and planners with competencies on climate policies.

What is the format?

During the workshop, our project experts will present preliminary results from the TERM-Nordic model. This model is currently under development in the project Ensuring Inclusive Economic Growth in the Transition to a Green Economy (EnIGG), funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers and conducted by Nordregio in cooperation with Merit Economics and the University of Victoria.

After the workshop follows a 30-minute “Meet the speaker!” session,  where you have the opportunity to chat and discuss more in-depth with one of the speakers.

A more detailed agenda will be shared after the summer.

Find more information on the ICMM and  EnIGG projects here.