Realising the bio-economy

Nordregio together with Karlstad university and Paper Province invite you to a seminar on realising the bio-economy.

The bio-economy has come to the fore as a concept linking the challenges and opportunities with a transition to sustainable development. There is a need to generate new ways of working, new processes, services and products that can contribute to such a transition. Research and policy actors nationally and internationally are supporting various initiatives to address this need – not least with the establishment of the EU Bioeconomy Observatory. Broad collaborations across disciplines and stakeholders are a must to contribute to the realisation of the bio-economy.

The aim with this seminar is threefold:

  1. To provide inspiration to address the agenda of how to realise the bio-economy
  2. To share knowledge and ideas from ongoing bio-economy projects
  3. To provide a meeting place for those working with the challenges of realising the bio- economy

We hope that this seminar will contribute to the dissemination of knowledge between Nordic actors on this arena – with a focus on regional development and socio-economic dimension. The seminar is organised in collaboration between Nordregio, Karlstad University and the cluster organisation Paper Province. Together with Baltic stakeholders, we have received seed-money from the NCM to develop a workshop about trans-disciplinary development of the bio-economy. This seminar is in preparation of this subsequent workshop which will take place in November.

At the seminar we get a presentation by Lene Lange about the development of the Danish Bioeconomy panel. Furthermore, the results from Nordregio projects on regional bioeconomy development as well as the current Nordregio activities on bioeconomy are presented, as well as the 10 year Vinnväxt project “Paper Province 2.0– an innovation system for a bio based economy”. The seminar also allows time for discussions – picking up burning issues across the different presentations.

Download the programme

Register by email to Gunnar Lindberg no later than September 1. State your name, organisation, and email address. The seminar is free of charge, but the number of participants is limited. The language of the seminar will be English.