Rural Attractiveness Webinar

What makes a rural region thrive? Nordregio discovered 14 stories from the regions where the population and employment are growing along with satisfaction and pride to belong. The usual narrative for the rural regions tends to be the opposite.

Join the webinar to hear more from the regions and researchers what these municipalities and regions did differently. You will also get an opportunity to interact with the authors and other speakers:

  • Karen Refsgaard & Michael Kull, Nordregio
  • Dennis Holm, mayor of Vágur, Faroe Islands
  • Toni K. Laine, mayor of Inari, Finland
  • Camilla Nissen, The Danish Business Authority, Denmark

POSTPONED (new date not set yet)  Webinar: Attractive rural municipalities in the Nordic countries: Jobs, people and reasons for success from 14 case studies.