Sustainable Living Summit: How you can act for change

Mark your calendar for 15 October and join us for a full-day event in Stockholm offering research results, tools and inspiration for embracing a sustainable lifestyle in the Nordic Region.

Policymakers, businesses, consumers, academics, educators… We welcome everyone to save the date and get in on the action as we share an inspiring day and final event in the Sustainable Living programme. Making sustainable choices can be easy – if we work holistically and across sectors to accelerate the transition in a joint effort.

We have invited speakers from a number of key sectors and research fields to showcase solutions, policies, and guidelines for how to contribute to sustainable lifestyle choices. You can expect research results, political debate, networking opportunities, entertainment and workshop activities throughout the day. Full programme and guest speakers will be announced very soon.

Programme highlights:

  • Research Panel: What is the problem? Discussion and latest findings
  • The Nordic Swan Ecolabel: How to lead the way to the green transition by helping businesses, consumers and policymakers
  • Healthy and Sustainable Food Systems: The key role of food consumption in the sustainability transition
  • Culture Sector: Roadmap to sustainable culture
  • Education Systems: School as a forum for change
  • Gender and Youth: Lifestyle choices and outlook on the future
  • Political Debate: What can we do? What smart policies can speed up the change?

Tell a friend to tell a friend. Get the latest results, evidence-based tools and policy recommendations. Together we can create a culture where the sustainable choice is the easy and obvious choice to make. The green transition is happening now. Next up is making it smooth for everyone.

This is a physical event in Stockholm. The event will be live streamed and in English. Enter your information below to receive updates to your inbox.

About Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living is coordinated by Nordregio and funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers. The programme consists of six projects which look at our lifestyle challenges through a unique combination of perspectives and disciplines, across education, gender equality, nutrition, communication, and culture. Read about the projects here: