Webinar: Sami Youth – Access to education and labour markets

Sami language competence is a sought-after skill in the regional labour markets. Sami-related occupations can be found in traditional occupations such as reindeer husbandry and Sami handicrafts, but also in tourism and in creative industries. But are there enough Sami teachers? And how do Sami education institutions meet the labour market opportunities?

A new Nordregio report investigates these questions and the results are discussed in a webinar together with Sami youth representatives Juhán Niila Stålka, board member of the youth association Sáminuorra, and Arla Magga, the Sami Parliament in Finland, author of a report on cross-border education and the coordinator of an ongoing project on remote Sami language education.

“We didn’t really learn anything about our own culture in school. I started learning about it at university. Now that I have the language, there is so much I can do, for example translations, interpretation, write education material. (…) I have a friend who teaches Sami language remotely while living abroad. Modern technology makes this possible.” (Youth, F, FI)

Lise Smed Olsen from Oxford Research and Linnea Löfving will present the results of the study which was commissioned by The Nordic Thematic Group on Sustainable Rural Development 2017-2020. The report will be published in mid-June and it will be available at the thematic group website nordregioprojects.org/rural, Nordregio’s website as well as directly sent to all webinar participants.

A link to the event will be sent to all participants a day before, but registration is needed here: https://www.lyyti.in/Samiwebinar