Land use – from a new rural bioeconomy to urban agriculture

The latest issue of Nordregio Magazine looks at land use from two perspectives: the potential of the new bioeconomy in rural areas and the development of urban agriculture in China and the EU.

A new biobased economy opens an almost unlimited potential for regional and rural development. But it also leads to possible land use conflicts and a need for new regulations. By encouraging transdisciplinary networks, Nordregio tries to strengthen coordinated action and overcome barriers for bioeconomy development in the Nordic Region.

Urban farming likewise shows the way forwards towards innovative land use development. The SIEUGreen project brings together stakeholders in China and the EU to explore the potential of new city-based farming technologies as a transformative and integrated part of resource-efficient and resilient urban environments.

Read more in the latest issue of Nordregio Magazine on The Bright Green Future of Land Use.