Cinemas 2016

This map shows the number of cinemas and the number of visits to cinemas per municipality in the Nordic Region in 2016.

The blue circles indicate the number of visits to cinemas in 2016. The larger the circle, the bigger the number of visits to cinemas. The red bars indicate the number of cinemas per municipality. The higher the bar, the greater the number of cinemas. Note that for Denmark, municipal data was only available for five metropolitan municipalities (Copenhagen and Frederiksberg, Odense, Aarhus, and Aalborg) with the rest only available on the regional level. Data on the number of cinemas for Finland was entirely missing. On the municipal level, data is only available for the number of cinemas in Norway and Sweden.

Sweden has most cinemas (418), compared to Norway (201), Denmark (163) and Iceland (15). However, Iceland has most cinemas per 10,000 inhabitants (0.45). Sweden has 0.42 cinema per 10,000 inhabitants while Norway has 0.39 and Denmark 0.29.

In Norway, 184 of 427 municipalities have one or more cinemas; the equivalent number in Sweden is 259 of 290 municipalities. Even though, several municipalities in Norway lack their own cinema, people still attend cinemas in 308 of the country’s 427 municipalities. The number of cinema visits per inhabitants diverge between the Nordic countries, particularly in respect of Iceland which excels with 4.2 visits per inhabitant/year, compared to Norway (2.5), Denmark (2.3), Sweden (1.8), Finland (1.6) and the Faroe Islands (1.4) (see table 14.1). Data also demonstrates that some municipalities have a high number of visits per inhabitant – not only in the central city municipalities – but also in smaller municipalities. This probably relates to the fact that some municipalities host large cinema multi-screen complexes which attract visitors from other nearby municipalities.