Employment in public sector in the Arctic in 2017

This map shows the distribution of employment in public sectors in the Arctic at regional level in 2017.

The darker the colour (orange for public sector and blue for private sector), the higher the share. The average employment rate in the public sector was 32% whereas it was 68% in the private sector. The public sector employment dominates in many regions of the Arctic, where States and regional authorities are involved in most regulation and planning activities.

However, the private sector has recently emerged and to some extent replaced the public authorities as main service provider. Alaska (USA), Northern Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada), the Nordic Arctic Region, Yamalo-Nenets and Khanty-Mansi (Russian Federation) are among the regions with the lowest share of employment in the public sector. On the contrary, Nunavut (Canada), Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, Sakha, Kamchatka, Magadan, and Chukotka (Russian Federation) had the highest share (over 50%) of employment in the public sector.