Household access to broadband 100Mbps

Ambitious broadband connectivity targets have been set across the Nordic Region, with most countries working towards universal access to download speeds of >100 Mbps for all households. The deadline for reaching this target varies between countries, from 2020 (Denmark) to 2023 (Iceland) to 2025 (Finland & Sweden). Norway aims to provide access to download speeds of >100 Mbps for 90% of households by 2020.

The map measures progress towards these targets, showing the percentage of households with access to a fixed-line broadband connection with a minimum download speed of 100 Mbps in 2018.* Darker shading represents proportionally higher levels of coverage. According to the map, a substantial proportion of households (>75%) had access to 100 Mbps in most Danish municipalities in 2018. Sweden also has relatively good fixed broadband coverage across most of the country, though there are several municipalities where coverage drops below 60% of households. The most limited coverage can be found in Finland, parts of Norway and the Westfjords and easternmost municipalities of Iceland.

*Municipal level data was not available for the Faroe Islands or Greenland. Due to municipal level data availability, Icelandic figures are from 2020.