Household coverage of NGA broadband 2018

These maps highlight the urban-rural divide with respect to household coverage of Next Generation Access (NGA) broadband in the Nordic-Baltic Region in 2018. NGA includes a range of technologies, all of which deliver minimum download speeds of 30 Mbps. The map on the left-hand side shows NGA coverage for “all households”, with darker shading representing higher levels of coverage. Here we see that over 75% of households have access to NGA coverage in most regions for most countries, with the exception of Finland and Lithuania. The highest levels of household coverage can be found in regions in Denmark, Iceland and Latvia.

The map on the right-hand side shows the same indicator but includes only rural households. Here we see a quite different picture. In most of Finland and Lithuania, as well as many regions in Sweden, less than 35% of rural households have NGA coverage. Norway performs somewhat better, with NGA access for 35-65% of rural households in most regions. Again, regions in Denmark, Iceland and Latvia have the best coverage. Estonia also performs relatively well, with 65-95% of rural households covered in three of its five regions.