Housing by type of dwelling in the Arctic

The map shows the housing condition in the Arctic regions in 2016.

The pie charts represent the share of own and rented dwellings. Green indicates the share of privately-owned dwellings and blue indicates the share of publicly-owned dwellings.

Favourable rental conditions are often in connection with employment. Nunavut (Canada), Greenland, Svalbard (Norway), and in Chukotka (Russian Federation) were the regions with clear dominance of renter-occupied dwellings. Other regions have a dominance of owner-occupied dwellings. In Krasnoyarsk, Khanty-Mansi and Sakha (Russian Federation) over 85 % of the apartments are privately-owned. Permafrost thaw is likely to destabilise housing infrastructure across the Arctic and the financial impact will differ depending on whether it is public or private ownership.