Saaʹmijânnam – the History: Taxation and borders in 14th century

The map shows some of the borders in 14th century around the Skolt Sámi Land. The Skolt Sámi Land is the home area for the indigenous Skolt Sámi people.

In 1326, the treaty of Novgorod led to the Sámi being taxed twofold. The Sámi areas were under pressure from both the east and the west. Karelian and Norwegian settlements spread to the north. Karelians collected taxes from the Sámi, as they themselves were obliged to pay taxes to Novgorod.

The map was produced for the exhibition Saaʹmijânnam – The Skolt Sámi Land in Äʹvv Skolt Sámi museum in Neiden, Norway. The map is the result of a collaboration between Äʹvv Skolt Sámi museum (responsible for the reconstruction of the Skolt Sámi areas and the exhibition), Yngvar Julin (concept of maps and exhibition architect), Nordregio (base maps) and Rethink. and illustrator Ruth Thomlevold (graphic design).

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