New report: From migrants to workers

Since 1990, the population of the Nordic countries has grown by 15 percent up to 26.5 million people, mainly due to immigration from abroad. Still many Nordic municipalities struggle with declining and ageing populations, and labour shortages.

On Thursday 4 May the Nordregio report “From Migrants to Workers” is presented in Luleå in conjunction with the seminar “Nyanlända i jobb – en tillväxtfaktor för kommuner” (Newly arrived on the labour market – a growth factor for municipalities) hosted by the Nordic Welfare Centre and Nordregio. The report is the final product from the Nordic Working Group on Demography and Welfare. A policy brief has also been produced within the project.

The seminar will discus issues on integration, and specifically integration and immigration in sparsley populated areas. Many municipalities in the northern part of Sweden struggle with decreasing and ageing populations and immigration can become a key success factor if the integration is successful.

The new Nordic integration programme will also be presented at the seminar and you can already now visit their new website where projects and partners are presented. The website is currently only available in Swedish but will be updated with an English version closer to the summer.