How has Region Skåne managed to balance the region by spreading its efforts and stimulating regional development also in the more sparsely populated and remote parts of the region? Ulrika Geeraedts, Director of Regional Development, Region Skåne

A critical view on urban-rural connections – to emphasize the importance of listening to the voices out there, Bjørn Egil Flø, Research Fellow, NIBIO

State of Nordic Rural Region and beyond – people, policies and perspectives, Karen Refsgaard and Michael Kull with inputs from Anna Karlsdottir, Jukka Teräs and Julien Grunfelder

A comprehensive analysis of administration reforms across the Nordic countries, Siv Sandberg, Research Fellow, Åbo Academy University

The rural flight – myths and realities. Danish experiences, Hans Thor Andersen, Director of Research at Danish Building Research Institute

What makes living in the countryside attractive for young people?, Emilia Astrenius Widerström, LRF Ungdomen

What is happening in the Nordic regional landscape?, Sigmund Lubanski (DK)

Regional Government, Health and Social Services Reform in Finland, Hanna-Maria Urjankangas (FI)

Regional and municipal reforms in Norway, Hallgeir Aalbu (NO)

Nordic thematic group fro Sustainable Rural Development 2017-2020

The blue and and the green Bioeconomy: Use of land and marine resources for competitive, resilient and inclusive rural regions 

Governance of big Bio Clusters: cooperation with local ownership, knowledge and resources, Thea Lyng Thomsen, GreenLab

Access and ownership to bioresources on land and in the sea, David Langlet, School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg

The successful Ocean Rainforest in the Faroe Islands, Urd Grandorf Bak, MSc, R&I manager, Ocean Rainforest Sp/F

Value Creation in Rural Areas: restrictions and incentives, Sveinn Margeirsson, Director at MATIS, IS