Nordregio Researcher Fellow Sandra Oliveira e Costa named co-chief editor of PLAN!

Research Fellow Sandra Oliveira e Costa will act as co-chief editor of the Swedish journal PLAN, besides continuing her work at Nordregio.

Besides continuing her work at Nordregio, Research Fellow Sandra Oliveira e Costa will work, together with Karin Svensson, Project Leader at ArkDes, for PLAN. The first issue under Costa and Svensson’s supervision will launch in the summer. 

“Our vision for this journal is to communicate both critical and theoretical perspectives on Urban and Regional Planning in Sweden today, but also serve as a very concrete inspiration for practitioners that work with these planning issues daily,” says Sandra Oliveira e Costa about the plans regarding her work with the magazine. 

“In times with urgent need for sustainable transition, it’s easy to feel powerless in one’s profession. Therefore we believe it is of great value to lift both concrete and possibly small scale solutions, as well as the bigger structures necessary to facilitate the transition,” thinks Oliveira e Costa. Addressing important and urgent issues such as technological development or the lack of it, just and unjust transition to a more sustainable society is one of the prerogatives of their mandates, but the new editors are also looking forward to including a more poetic perspective towards urban and regional planning in the magazine by adding illustrations, photos or other artistic manifestations of planning issues. “In the end, living in a city or a rural area is about being in those places every day and about how we feel in our daily lives and when we are in different places,” thinks Oliveira e Costa. 

The new editors are more than happy to receive tips about ongoing projects, ideas for things to discuss in articles, suggestions, and contributions from practitioners, researchers, civil society or students. 

PLAN is a product of Föreningen för Samhällsplanering (Swedish society for town and country planning), acting as their members’ magazine. It represents a community for planning enthusiasts, professionals, politicians, entrepreneurs, students, and everyone interested in planning issues, new working methods, and the area’s general development.