Public Investment and Procurement for Greener Buildings

This handbook provides planning, policy and investment guidance for policymakers and practitioners influencing or working within the fields of public procurement, city planning, building and construction, urban design or city development projects. It aims to expand their knowledge base of concepts and tools to improve the resource performance of our urban areas.

The handbook is designed to be a concise and easy-to-use reference document, providing practical guidance based on the knowledge and experiences developed within the RE-GREEN project. As such, the focus is on four integrated themes highlighted during the course of our three year work: green public procurement; green buildings; sustainable urban system; and green governance.

Unlike a book or a report, a handbook is not meant to be read from beginning to end. Rather, as an interactive guide, it is designed more to be a quick reference that can be turned to repeatedly. The handbook presents information in an interactive way, by offering different pathways to explore public investment in green building. This includes internal links to other content in the handbook, which is necessary and valuable considering the integrated perspectives we are advocating. It also includes external links to important policy and conceptual documents, social media discussions, websites and other relevant material. Some of the photo and information galleries allow readers to swipe through a collection of images and multimedia, and all tables, figures and templates can be enlarged to full size by tapping on them, including explanatory texts.

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