Pyhtää wants to be the start-up municipality of Finland

With a strategic approach to marketing, even a small municipality can create buzz. Pyhtää’s goal is to be the prototype of a successful small municipality in Finland.

Over the past 20 years, Pyhtää has witnessed a transformative journey from a rural community to a more urbanized and innovative municipality. During this transformation, Pyhtää has taken on a strategy to redefine itself as an innovative, vital municipality successfully attracting attention and new residents, including inhabitants from the bigger cities of Helsinki and Kotka. Pyhtää markets itself with great services within walking distance, affordable and spacious housing, beautiful nature areas with two national parks, a diverse cultural scene, good schools, libraries, and health services. There is even an airport in the area – though only used for smaller planes – but it’s the only airport like this near the capital region of Helsinki.

Pyhtää finds it important to invest in the well-being of the inhabitants, as well as in new residential areas and new industries or businesses to attract new inhabitants.