Regional Development in the Nordic Countries

The twelfth volume in the series “Regional Development in the Nordic Countries” is now published. The reports have regularly supplied practitioners with comprehensive analysis of the Nordic regional development scene. This is a summary report, using results from more than twenty recent or ongoing research and analysis projects.

After a period of strong economic growth all five Nordic countries were hit by the global recession in the autumn of 2008. This, of course, has constituted an important challenge to all countries, but to Iceland in particular.

The report presents the recent development of human resources, economic growth and labour markets at national and regional level in the Nordic countries and gives a state-of-the art introduction to the current situation.

Even if the Nordic countries are perceived as relatively homogenous, important differences continue to exist between regions. This has contributed to an increased focus in regional policy on growth strategies based on regional challenges and potentials.

The report also includes more in depth analysis related to the core areas of research at Nordregio, for example on variations in migration patterns and the development of Nordic energy policy.