Rural Norden in 2050: Spatial perspectives on demographic and economic futures

The purpose of this project is to provide policy makers at the national and regional levels an idea of what the size, composition, and geographic distribution of the rural populations in the Nordic countries might look like at mid-century.

There has been a long-term trend of urbanisation across the Nordic countries – increased concentrations of the population into larger urban settlements – which is likely to continue. While some rural municipalities will continue to grow, it is likely that many will continue to decline in population and also experience rapid population aging. What are the implications of these demographic trends for rural regions in the Nordic countries a generation from now – in 2050?

The project will draw partially on population projections done by the national statistical offices of the Nordic countries to examine the size, regional concentration, age-sex distribution, shares of foreign-born persons, and other characteristics of the rural populations in the Nordic countries in the future. It will also analyse structural changes in the rural economies of the Nordic countries.

The project will contribute to the Thematic Group for Sustainable Rural Development Programme.