State of the Nordic Region on the road

After a successful launch on 8 February, the State of the Nordic Region goes on a tour of the Nordic countries, with launch events coming up in eight cities throughout the Region.


The launch of the State of the Nordic Region 2018 at Skansen. Photo by Johanna Feuk

The first event is organized by Nordregio’s sister institution NORA on the Faroe Islands and will focus on the bioeconomy part of the report. It takes place in Torshavn on February 20. This is followed by an event at Norden in Focus in Oslo on February 28, that takes a closer look at the friendly competition between Oslo and Stockholm.

On Nordic Day, March 23, there will be three events: A debate in Stockholm held in conjunction with the publication of a State of the Nordic Region follow up publication, honing in on the issues of immigration and integration.

A similar event will take place in Helsinki also on March 23, while the Icelandic launch event will focus more on education and the labour market. All three events are organized by the national Norden in Focus offices, the local representatives of the Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM).

The NCM institution in Nuuk, Greenland, is planning an event on April 19, while dates still have not been set for Copenhagen and Åland.

The report itself has been downloaded more than 4000 times in the course of the first week of publication, following a quite extensive coverage In Nordic media with close to 100 articles, including radio and television in most countries. Read more on