Submit abstracts now: Ruralities and Regions in Transition, Sweden

A conference for Rural and Regional Researchers in Sweden
September 22-23rd, 2021

The Division of Rural Development (SLU) in collaboration with Nordregio offers scholars the opportunity to meet, share and discuss important issues related to rural and regional development in Sweden. We expect a wide range of contributions seeking to present theoretical advancements, offer novel methodological insights and provide new empirical evidence related to ‘Ruralities and Regions in Transition’, which in turn can contribute to more robust policy initiatives and planning practices in Swedish rural and regional development.

The organizers intend to provide a constructive arena of exchange for scholars to collegially rethink how Swedish ruralities and regions may engage towards economically, socially and environmentally sustainable development paths. Foreseen activities are plenary keynotes, thematic parallel sessions and ‘meet the financier’ seminar with representatives of the main Swedish financiers.
The conference will be organized at SLU premises in Uppsala in a lunch-to-lunch format, given that this is feasible according to recommendations and regulations due to Covid-19.


  1. Sustainable countrysides: place-based development and rural livelihoods
  2. Entrepreneurship and social innovations in peripheries
  3. Demographic change and migration: policies and practices in shrinking geographies
  4. The role of natural resources in rural transformation processes
  5. Competences, skills and the evolution of the rural labour market
  6. Territorial resilience in times of global societal challenges
    Call for abstract
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