The Nordic story on Sustainable Cities

Nordregio is working on a White Paper for the Nordic Prime Minister’s initiative on Nordic Sustainable Cities – a paper that will be presented at the Nordic Edge Expo in Stavanger on 26 September.

Nordic Sustainable Cities is a continuation of the Nordic Built Cities programme, which, just as well as the new initiative, was managed by Nordic Innovation. Nordregio has been given the task of writing a White Paper and the first draft is now available online.

The Nordic Edge Expo gathers practitioners, industries and more under the theme of “Smart Hapiness” for three days of seminars, panels, exhibitions and workshops. Nordic Innovation will run a half-day conference on 26 September under the theme When Smart Meets Human – The Nordic Model in Urban Development. Nordregio Director Kjell Nilsson and Senior Research Fellow Luciane Aguiar Borges who is leading the work with the White Paper will both be present at this event.

The draft of the White Paper can be found here.

White Paper pdf.