10 December: Welfare in sparsely populated areas and how to organize social services and care

One of the biggest challenges in sparsely populated areas in the Nordic region is to recruit and retain staff in social services and care. The needs and challenges are great. At the same time, there are good solutions that contribute to sustainable welfare. 10 December, welcome to a full day of keynote presentations and topical debates in a digital conference Välfärd i glest befolkade områden – organisering av socialtjänst och vård (Welfare in sparsely populated areas and how to organize social and health services) organized by Nordic Welfare Center.

– There is no denying that education in rural areas is a challenge and young people move to the cities to study. But modern digital solutions enable distance-learning and distance healthcare solutions – we just need good internet connections and the human capacity to exercise them, describes Kjell Nilsson, Director at Nordregio. 

Also joining from Nordregio are GIS Analyst Oskar Penje and Senior Research Advisor Anna Berlina who share results from the currently ongoing mapping of Social services and care in rural areas in the Nordics. One can also learn about Digital Health Care and Social Care – Regional development impacts in the Nordic countries from a recent study shown below and the results will be shared in this event by Anna Lundgren, Senior Research Fellow at Nordregio.

The Nordic Welfare Center organizes the conference in collaboration with Nordregio and Glesbygdsmedicinskt centrum. It is part of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ presidency in 2020 for Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. The event language is mainly Scandinavian, but some presentations will be in English. 

More here: https://nordicwelfare.org/evenemang/valfard-i-glest-befolkade-omraden-organisering-av-socialtjanst-och-vard/?fbclid=IwAR232szgO64GD656xBxUaZ4r5FznSX3G56YcalkvcoOYrhtuzWwcq7KF2Yo