14 June, Nordregio joins the 8th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, Berlin

Nordregio’s researchers hold presentations in the sessions of Inclusive Digitalisation and Sustainable Growth in the Baltic Sea and Arctic regions.

Connectivity is on the spotlight during the 8th Annual Forum of the EUSBSR. This motto highlights the necessity to intensify contacts throughout the Baltic Sea Region including its neighbouring regions and to develop a better awareness of each other’s perspectives. Cooperation in form of mutually beneficial projects may have beneficial spill-over effects and contribute to confidence-building in politically difficult times. Furthermore, connectivity relates to efficient and comprehensive collaboration among all levels of government. Be it in communication, cultural exchange, energy, research activities or transport – connectivity is crucial for modern, network based and outward looking business.

The Nordic Council of Ministers with several partners, including Nordregio, is organizing two seminars, both running under the theme of Inclusive Digitalisation:

I: Tech StartUps and Digital Transformation in rural areas

10.45 – 12.15

Digitalisation has been viewed as a solution that can turn around the trend of outmigration from smaller cities, towns and communities into larger city areas. However, globalisation, urbanisation and digitalisation affect different places, rural and urban, in different ways, and today the impact of digitalisation is often experienced by smaller towns and remote areas as the absence of banks and shops and with healthcare provision as a distant e-service. Recognizing both the opportunities and challenges of digitalization this session will initiate a discussion of how to ensure an inclusive digitalization, as a solution to connect the BSR societies, including industries and consumers. Jukka Teräs, Nordregio’s Senior Research Fellow, will contribute to this session with Finnish case examples.

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II: When digi meets Bio: Digital disruption in the Bioeconomy

13.45 – 15.15

What are the challenges and opportunities when ‘Digi meets Bio’? The session focuses on the digital disruptions of production and consumption in the food and forest industry. We will investigate existing examples and experiences, discuss the impacts of emerging trends and explore the potentials of a digital bioeconomy in the light of the need for a sustainable transition of the ‘old’ bioeconomy industries. Nelli Mikkola, Nordregio’s Research Fellow, will bring in two stakeholders from Latvia and Sweden who will tell their regional story on bioeconomy and digitalization.

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More contributions from Nordregio:

Connect the Baltic with the Arctic! How to unlock potential for sustainable growth


How can the Baltic Sea Region benefit from the sustainable development of the Arctic? By pinpointing potential for sustainable growth in the northernmost parts of the Baltic Sea Region through innovation and digitalization, we are discussing the need for increased multi-level governance, macro-regional strategies that interlink and create synergies, as well as connecting the two sea basins through both transport- and digital infrastructure. Leneisja Jungsberg, Research Fellow at Nordregio will present a Foresight Analysis of the Nordic Arctic.

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The event is hosted by the Federal Foreign Office together with the CPMR – Baltic Sea Commission and in close cooperation with the European Commission on 13 – 14 June 2017 in Berlin. About 800 participants from governments, international organisations, NGOs, universities, local and regional administrations and business gather to discuss a broad range of issues relevant for the Baltic Sea Region.