Choosing Green – a digital summit before COP26

On 17 November, Nordic Council of Ministers invites you to join a digital summit to discuss a green recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic. In the series of six debates, politicians, organizations, representatives from the public and private sectors and entrepreneurs from the Nordic region will identify the strengths and weaknesses in the Nordic model. Among other topics, Nordregio will share  Nordic perspectives on green transition.

The discussions will focus on various aspects of the role that the Nordics will play in the global, post-corona, green recovery. How can we achieve a just green transition in times of recession? Is the Nordic welfare model equipped for this brave new future without leaving anyone behind? What implications will the green transition have for the educational system? Are the Nordic countries prepared for a green future with a different job market that requires new skill sets? These are just some of the complex questions we will be asking.

Nordregio’s Senior Research Fellow Anna Lundgren will participate in the session “The Nordic welfare state: Green, inclusive and excellent?”. Watch the discussion at 17:00 (GMT +1).

The summit will be broadcasted live from the Nordic capital. See the full programme here: