Climate Action & Economic Well-being – is there a trade-off?

First report in the project: Ensuring inclusive economic growth in the transition to a green economy (EnIGG)

Ever wondered how climate policies might impact your cost of living?

Watch the recorded webinar, our watch it via our YouTube channel.

In this webinar, we presented our recently launched report:

“What impact do climate change policies have on Nordic economies, industries, and households?”

Guided by our moderator Kirsi Heikel, Senior Advisor at Miltton, we are shedding light on the intricate interplay between climate mitigation efforts and the everyday costs of living in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. 

Whether you’re a climate activist, a policymaker, or just curious about the future, this event will reveal the newest insights on how climate policies impact all of us economically.

Presentations by:

  • Professor Peter B Dixon and Professor Maureen Rimmer, experts in economic modelling and economic policy analysis at Victoria University (Melbourne) will present key results from the report.


  • Juha Honkatukia – Merit Economics