Conflicts and Synergies in Maritime Spatial Planning

Nordregio hosts a one-day workshop that focuses on different types of conflicts and synergies in maritime spatial planning (MSP). The workshop will contribute to the development of a report for the BONUS Basmati project.

Partners from the BONUS Basmati project will gather to discuss and identify conflicts and look for synergies and solutions that (might) emerge and can be identified in the three case studies. They will also explore ways of including governance analysis and marine stakeholders (authorities and users) into practical case study work.

In addition to that, invited MSP planners and experts* will give concrete examples on conflicts and synergies and explain some of the tools and methods they developed and applied to come to solutions.

*Susanne Gustafsson, Swedish Agency for Marine & Water Management & Pan Baltic Scope project
*Daniel Depellegrin Italian National Research Council – Institute of Marine Sciences