International Conference “Challenges of Europe”

The 13th edition of the Challenges of Europe Conference organised by the faculty of economics at Split University in Croatia, will take place in Bol, Croatia between the 22nd-24th of May, 2019

Alberto Giacometti and Jukka Teräs from Nordregio are leading a 90min session on regional economic and social resilience. The aim of this session is to broaden the debate about place-based approaches to regional resilience and explore what matters should local communities consider to prepare for exogenous and endogenous shocks. The key questions addressed include: what types of risks are regions threatened to? Which actors and institutions are vulnerable? What factors and measures boost regional resilience? 

Recognising the need for place-based approaches to economic and social resilience, this session builds-up on the results of empirical research conducted in the Nordic Countries and the Croatian islands, in three related studies:

  1. Comparative overview of regional resilience in a diverse selection of Nordic case-study regions (Nordregio, 2017-2018)
  2. Industrial transformation of Oulu, Finland – an in-depth longitudinal analysis from the Resilience perspective (Nordregio, 2017-2018)
  3. Regional economic resilience in remote regions – Empirical findings from Croatian islands (University of Split, Faculty of economics, business and tourism, ongoing research)

Finally, the session opens the debate to researchers and policy-makers in the field to lift new perspectives and provide a critical angle on the studies presented shedding a light on how resilience research can be enriched in the future.

Find out more about the event here.