Nordregio Forum (session 1): The regional impacts of remote work

Nordregio Forum 2021 session 1 will focus on the impacts of remote work Post-Covid: As the pandemic is fading, we are facing a new reality with more people working remotely, from multiple locations. What is the potential for urban and rural regions? How can local and national governments support the change? Join the discussion with Nordic experts!

Watch the Nordregio Forum 2021- session 1! 

13:00 – 15:15 CET

    13:00 Welcome greeting 
Moderators Ryan Weber & Linda Randall, Senior Research Fellows, Nordregio
   13:03Welcome speech 
Jukka Ihanus, State Secretary, The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, Finland
13:10Keynote speech: The future of work is here! 
Maria Svensson Wiklander
, co-founder of the Remote Lab, Sweden  
(Knowledge and development node for the future of remote work » The remote lab) 
13:23 Keynote speech: How remote working is reshaping regional development in the COVID-19 era
Lamia Kamal Chaoui, Director, OECD Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Regions and Cities  
13:42The regional impacts of remote work in Finland 
The moderators discuss today’s topic with Janne Antikainen & Sari Rannanpää, experts on regional development, MDI Consultancy, and focus on what are the impacts of remote work on regions and municipalities. What is the potential of multilocality for our societies?
13:55Discussion with the keynotes and experts: What are the incentives to promote a sustainable multilocational lifestyle and remote work? And why?
Q&A Session Here is your chance to ask questions to the speakers.
14. 10Hop on a “Tour-de-Nordics” 
Hear directly from national and regional experts: How did Iceland succeed in implementing the new policy “10% of jobs are non-locational”? How are Norway and Denmark experiencing the new boom of second-home owners spending an increasing amount of time in rural areas? What kind of legal barriers is the Öresund region experiencing for digital remote work? And how to enhance cross-border labour market movements?

Norway: Tor Arnesen, Researcher, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences 
Iceland: Hólmfríður Sveinsdóttir, Senior Advisor, Ministry of Transport and Local Government
Denmark: Steffen Damsgaard, Chairman, The National Council of Rural Districts
Sweden-Denmark cross-border: Kate Plaskonis, Advisor, Greater Copenhagen organization
15.00 Nordic collaboration on remote work – research and peer-to-peer learning
Comments from the Nordic thematic group Chairs:
Daniel André, The National Board of Housing, Building and Planning, Sweden
Benedicte Akre, The Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation, Norway
Petra Stenfors, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, Finland
15.13 Final remarks – Welcome back for session 2 next day