Webinar: Multilevel governance for green and inclusive urban development in the Nordic Region

Efforts toward socially inclusive and green development have become cornerstones of regional and urban policy throughout the Nordic Region. This is reflected in a wide range of national strategies, frameworks, funding schemes and action plans to promote cross-cutting sustainability objectives, but how are these operationalised at the local level?

In this webinar, we bring together national, regional, and local representatives to exchange knowledge about ongoing initiatives, practices, and discuss how multilevel governance cooperation can be enhanced within and across the Nordic countries.

When: 20 April, 12.30-14.15 CET 
Where: Zoom


12:30 – Welcome
Introduction of the Nordic Cooperation & the Nordic Thematic Group for Green and Inclusive Urban Development.
Current projects in the programme will be presented:
National support initiatives
– Planning for socially mixed and inclusive neighbourhoods

Mats Stjernberg, Johannes Lidmo and Diana N. Huynh, Nordregio

12.45 – Green development in the Nordic countries
Three examples of national-level green initiatives:
– Klimasats, Miljødirektoraktet (Norwegian Environment Agency), NO
– DK2020, Concito, DK
– Klimatklivet, Naturvårdsverket (Swedish Environmental Protection Agency), SE

13:05 – Inclusive development in the Nordic countries  
Two examples of national-level initiatives on enhancing social inclusion and sustainability:
– Områdesatsningene, Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development, NO
– Lähiöohjelma, Ministry of the Environment, FI 

13:20 – Q&A

13:35 – Other initiatives for sustainable cities
Two additional initiatives will present how municipalities work across areas to promote socially inclusive and green development at the local levl
– Borgarlína, Transport for the Capital Area, IS
– Prosjekt tettstedspakke, Transportøkonomisk institutt (Norwegian Centre for Transport Research), NO 

13.50 – Panel discussion
Key questions:   
– What role does the national level take in supporting sustainable urban development?
– What lessons can be drawn from ongoing multilevel cooperation across the Nordic countries?
– How can increased Nordic collaboration strengthen vertical and horizontal integration of policies in practice at the local level?

The panel will also include representatives from:
 Association of Finnish Municipalities (Kuntaliitto), FI
– Vejle municipality & Danske planchefer, DK
– Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SKR), SE (TBC)

14.10 – Concluding remarks
– Daniel André, chair of Nordic Thematic Group for Green and Inclusive Urban Development
– Mats Stjernberg, Nordregio