How is human wellbeing integrated into city planning?

Nordic cities have qualities to draw on when it comes to green space, social inclusion and public health. But they are also segregated, characterised by health-related divides and by differences in accessibility to urban amenities. Without careful consideration, the health and well-being of city-dwellers can be negatively influenced in overly densified and congested cities, despite sustainability ambitions.

Nordregio has kick-started a new project called NORDGREEN – Smart Planning for Healthy and Green Nordic Cities; this project is tackling the issue of human wellbeing by developing smart planning and management solutions for well-designed, high-quality greenspaces that promote equity, health and wellbeing.

NORDGREEN is working with existing planning projects in the following Nordic cities: Aarhus, Espoo, Ii, Stavanger, Täby and Vilhelmina. The project is funded by NordForsk.

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