Net migration change 2009-2014

Average change in net migration 2009-2014, in %

Since 2010, the long standing population drain of parts of eastern Germany has shifted to modestly positive growth. A number of peripheral regions in Norway, Sweden and Finland have seen a similar shift. Large parts of Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, the UK, as well as substantial parts of France and Western Turkey, have also witnessed a trend towards positive net migration in recent years.

In much of Central and Eastern Europe, such as Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Russia and Estonia, there is a tendency towards growing capital and larger urban areas, while the rural regions generally see substantial out-migration. Out-migration is increasing in all regions in Latvia and Lithuania and has now reached alarming proportions. Ireland experienced a similar situation over the years 2009-2014, with negative net migration in all but one region.