New maps on gender related differences in the Nordic Region

Together with NIKK, the centre for Nordic Information on Gender, Nordregio has produced a series of maps highlighting gender based disparities within the areas of education, work and access to certain welfare services

In the Nordic countries, women make up the largest proportion of people living in cities, while rural areas have the highest proportion of men.

To illustrate the living conditions of men and women in the Nordics, NIKK – the centre for Nordic Information on Gender – has asked Nordregio to develop a series of maps that show the differences of among other things education, participation in the labour market and access to care at the municipal level for women and men, respectively.

– Our new map collection shows a number of general trends within the Nordic countries and thus also show both the differences between the countries and between for instance rural and urban areas, says project manager Elin Engström from NIKK.

– Working with maps and other materials like this gives us better tools to work for equal rights in the entire Nordic Region, through the pedagogical visualizations they provide, she adds.

Many of the maps are produced in connection with the publication of State of the Nordic region 2018, but the main part have been tailored to the needs of NIKK and the focus on gender related issues.

You can see the maps here

See also the general map collection of Nordregio or consult to make your own maps.