Rural realities in the Nordic countries

The aim of the project is to highlight the living conditions that women and men face in Nordic rural communities, and how they affect the migration patterns in the Nordic countries. Both women and men in the Nordic countries are moving to the cities. Limited opportunities for education, jobs and political influence are some of the reasons women choose to leave rural communities.

Today there are more men than women living in Nordic rural areas. This rings especially true in the Faroe Islands and in Greenland, where the depopulation trend is most critical. Over time this will make it difficult to maintain levels of welfare and social security in rural areas.

By increasing the knowledge about living conditions in Nordic rural areas, this project contributes to meet these challenges and to get young people to stay in or move to rural areas.

The project´s results are presented in an animated film produced by NIKK (Nordic information on gender). The film introduced this issue at a seminar hosted by the Nordic council of ministers, during the summit of UN Women in New York, March 2018.

Nordregio produced 15 maps related to gender equality for the Nordic gender institution NIKK and the Swedish ministry Socialdepartmentet. The work from Nordregio’s side includes data collection, data harmonisation, data editing, production of maps using GIS (Geographic Information System), and map layout.