Nordic Council visits Nordregio

Ahead of the Nordic Council Session in Oslo later this month, the Swedish delegation of the Nordic Council made their first official visit to Nordregio this week. The Nordic Council is the official body for formal inter-parliamentary co-operation and over 20 members of the Swedish delegation gathered at Skeppsholmen to learn about our research.

During his opening remarks, Director Rolf Elmér highlighted our role as a leading platform for Nordic learning and exchange, offering evidence-based research for policymakers and practitioners. The delegation also got to learn about our contribution to the Nordic co-operation Programme for Regional Development and Planning, as well as our role as a knowledge broker between the Nordic and EU region.

Director Rolf Elmér with Chairman of the delegation Heléne Björklund
Director Rolf Elmér with Chairman Heléne Björklund

Senior Researcher Anna Lundgren led discussions on Nordic labor market mobility and cross-border transport infrastructure planning, presenting concrete policy recommendations recently published in our reports.

We also heard from Senior Researches Carlos Tapia and Nora Sánchez Gassen who dived into the just green transition in the Nordic Region. They noted that our research shows that a majority of Swedes think that more financial resources should be invested in preventing climate change, even if this means that taxes are increased.

They also presented the results from a recent report that notes the macroeconomic costs of certain climate polices are moderate over time, but that the cost of living will be higher for rural than for urban households. Finally, we touched on how we ensure that the green transition will happen in a fair and just way.

There was dynamic discussions with Swedish delegation who expressed their appreciation for the valuable research conducted by Nordregio and promised to come back soon.

Senior Researcher presenting
Senior Researcher Anna Lundgren presenting