Nordic Efficiency – New Nordic Climate Solutions

The Nordic Council of Ministers is participating at World Efficiency in Paris, October 13-15, in preparation for the UN climate summit COP21 in December 2015. This is organized in cooperation with the Nordic embassies in Paris and with the participation of leading Nordic companies offering green solutions for a sustainable society. Focus will be on Energy Efficiency, along with circular Economy and bioeconomy as well as sustainable building and city planning.

Nordregio will participate at this event as well as during the UN climate summit in December. Senoir Research Fellow Jukka Teräs will participate in Moving towards a zero-waste society: the Nordic answer, a workshop held on the 14th and present the study The potential of industrial symbiosis as a key driver for green growth. The presentation will introduce Industrial Symbiosis activities in selected Nordic regions and include preliminary results of the study on Industrial Symbiosis in Nordic regions by Nordregio. The full study report will be released later in 2015.

More information from the Nordic Council of Ministers:

Workshop zero-waste society

Nordic Effiency: – the Nordic pavilion at World Efficiency – Catalogue produced for the participation of the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Nordic embassies in France at World Efficiency.