NordMap, new Nordic web-mapping tool: Create, share and print maps

NordMap is the name of a new Nordic web-mapping tool for demography, labour market and accessibility in the Nordic countries. With NordMap you can analyse local and regional development trends and create, share and print customised maps without any previous mapping or GIS experience. Welcome to use NordMap – and let us know what you think!

From maps to web-mapping

Since 1997, Nordregio has been known for making high-quality maps that illustrate regional development patterns across a wide range of social, economic, and environmental themes. Using our existing work with mapping spatial information as a basis, and with funding and support from the Nordic working group on demography and welfare, NordMap has been developed to bring you even closer to spatial data. It allows you to scope and analyse local and regional development patterns more effectively, to interact with the data easily and in new ways, and to quickly create, share and print customised maps. Data is up-to-date, and most demographic indicators are available until now, the year 2015.

Who is NordMap for?

NordMap provides planners and policy-makers at all levels of government with a new platform for benchmarking regions and municipalities in a pan-Nordic dimension. It promotes Nordic cooperation by allowing users to identify areas with similar regional characteristics, just as it can monitor development patterns that have unfolded through time. Researchers and academics in the Nordic Region and abroad will also benefit from the analytical capabilities of NordMap to quickly create their own maps.

Welcome to!

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