Nordregio participates in the 5G Techritory

The Nordic-Baltic 5G Monitoring Tool project will launch the 5G Data Hub during a session at the 5G Techritory event on 18-19 October. Join us and be among the first to explore its capabilities! The Digital Inclusion project will participate in a panel discussing digital accessibility and challenges and opportunities related to compliance.

The 5G Techritory on 18-19 October gathers 5G specialists to discuss and strategize about 5G development in Europe and beyond. This year’s theme is “5G in Action,” with discussions covering topics such as defense communications, Open RAN, and the metaverse. The event is organized in Riga and online and is open for registration to all interested participants.

Highlights from the 5G Techritory programme:

Panel discussion on digital accessibility, 18 October, 13:00 – 13:30, Policy & Strategy Stage

Sigrid Jessen, Research Fellow at Nordregio, will participate in the panel discussion on digital accessibility. This session will focus on the current state of digital accessibility, the necessary actions to be taken, and the shared responsibilities among stakeholders in ensuring comprehensive digital accessibility. Our panelists, consisting of experts in accessibility, policy, and technology, will examine the key challenges and opportunities associated with achieving digital accessibility compliance.

Gain valuable insights into the implications of the European Accessibility Directive, its requirements, and the roles of various entities in promoting inclusivity and equal access in the digital realm.

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Mapping 5G in the Nordic-Baltic countries – Key insights from the Nordic-Baltic 5G Monitoring Tool project, 18 October, 17:30 – 17:50, Policy & Strategy Stage

Initiated in 2021, the Nordic-Baltic 5G Monitoring project aimed to contribute to the development of a more integrated, connected, and inclusive Nordic Region. We developed an analytical tool to track 5G progress, going beyond mapping to showcase actual applications across various sectors.

As we approach the project’s final phase, we’re excited to showcase the latest outcomes and impacts and especially introduce the newly released DigiHUB and the Nordic-Baltic 5G Monitoring Tool – The 5G Data HUB.

The 5G DATA HUB serves as a dynamic 5G data dashboard. It features flexible filtering options that enable the customization of displayed data and metrics. This ensures alignment with the unique needs and priorities of different stakeholders, including industries, local and national policymakers, and regulators.

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5G Data Hub – Interactive Workshop, 19 October, Policy & Strategy Stage

The 5G Monitoring tool project tracks 5G development across the Nordic-Baltic region, highlights innovative uses of 5G technology, and enhances cross-border collaboration by connecting stakeholders. Welcome to explore the newly launched 5G Data Hub with Nordregio during the 5G Techritory!

The 5G Data Hub is a versatile tool that presents relevant data and metrics, tailored to the unique needs and priorities of different actors in the field of 5G/6G.

Whether it’s exploring innovation landscapes for policymakers, aiding industry representatives in strategic planning, empowering regulators with analytics, or helping local officials in strategizing regional 5G rollout, the 5G Data Hub stands as a cornerstone for advancing 5G initiatives.

Join us at 5G Techritory and be among the first to explore its capabilities!

This session is open to all 5G Techritory on-site participants.

Overcoming 5G Challenges and Fostering Collaboration: Reflections from the Nordic and Baltic Countries, 19 October, 12:00 – 12:50, Policy & Strategy Stage

This session aims to tackle this issue by bringing together speakers from various Nordic and Baltic countries who are active in the 5G ecosystem. The discussion will revolve around how different organizations have been fostering collaboration among industry, business, and the public sector. The goal is to delve into successful initiatives that these organisations have undertaken to engage key stakeholders in the 5G ecosystem and debate challenges as well as future avenues through which the Nordic and Baltic regions can enhance collaboration, facilitating the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and best practices.

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