Nordic-Baltic 5G Monitoring tool

This project will contribute to the development of a more integrated, connected, and inclusive Nordic Region by developing and maintaining an evidence-based analytical tool to monitor the roll out of 5G in the Nordic-Baltic countries and independent territories. The Nordic societies are among the most advanced in Europe on digitalisation and all Nordic governments have ambitious strategies for the next phase of digital development. 5G technology will be a key component of this work. It is expected to stimulate new products, services, and innovative solutions to social and environmental challenges.

The project intends to address Nordic and Baltic countries’ common challenge in moving from the promise of 5G, to actual applications. The focus will be not only in mapping the 5G roll-out but also in identifying concrete examples of applications of 5G technology within different verticals. The project will be complemented with deep-dive examples as well as matchmaking events aiming to connect stakeholders within identified focus areas. These steps intend to drive innovation by showcasing applications and facilitating connections between actors.  

The tool should act as a showcase of examples and be a source of inspiration, highlighting what is possible and creating dialogue about different types of barriers and drivers. The focal point is identifying regional strengths, analysing driving forces, and highlighting successful business models. The expectation is that this could promote cross-border collaboration in the industry verticals, presenting great potential for Nordic-Baltic added value. 

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