Nordic-Baltic 5G Monitoring tool

This project will contribute to the development of a more integrated, connected, and inclusive Nordic Region by developing and maintaining an evidence-based analytical tool to monitor the roll out of 5G in the Nordic-Baltic countries and independent territories.  

The Nordic societies are among the most advanced in Europe on digitalisation and all Nordic governments have ambitious strategies for the next phase of digital development. 5G technology will be a key component of this work. It is expected to stimulate new products, services, and innovative solutions to social and environmental challenges. At the same time, experiences from the roll-out of other types of digital infrastructure suggests that access to the opportunities offered by 5G are likely to favour urban areas. This is problematic, given that people in rural areas have perhaps the most to gain from increased connectivity. The monitoring tool will facilitate greater understanding of how the digital divides is evolving in practice, providing opportunities to share learnings and discuss challenges between countries.  

The monitoring tools will be based on indicators identified in consultation with the relevant national experts in the respective countries and in line with current international perspectives on the topic. Data will be collected and presented through an interactive web-mapping tool that will be tested and modified in consultation with relevant experts and end users. Deep-dive examples will complement the quantitative component to provide a deeper understanding of the potentials, challenges and drivers associated with 5G in practice. The tool will provide a solid basis for the development of joint solutions to shared challenges, ensuring an integrated, connected, and inclusive region that continues to lead the way with respect to digital development.