Nordic-Baltic Connectivity for Smarter and Inclusive Societies (N-B CONNECT)

In highly digitized Nordic-Baltic societies, there are still significant geographical differences in terms of connectivity. Is that what you call a digital paradox

The “Nordic-Baltic Connectivity for Smarter and Inclusive Societies (N-B CONNECT)” project builds on the findings of the previous “Nordic-Baltic 5G Monitoring Tool (N-B 5G MT)” project, expanding its focus to examine broader societal impacts of connectivity. The N-B 5G MT project aimed to establish a 5G Data HUB for monitoring progress and disseminating knowledge on 5G innovation. It further emphasized the need for more development and research on its impacts.  

A key finding of the project highlighted significant geographical differences in 5G deployment, adoption, and overall connectivity in highly digitized societies such as those in the Nordic and Baltic regions. At the same time, the full potential for 5G innovation and competitiveness remains largely untapped despite significant investment and activities. Many ongoing projects are still in the testing and prototyping phase, and the business case for 5G remains limited across the regions.  

Therefore, the aim of N-B CONNECT is to shift focus from a strictly technological perspective and go beyond 5G to explore the broader societal impact of connectivity. The main objectives of the N-B CONNECT project include to: 

  1. Advance the research and debate on societal impact of connectivity: Move beyond the technologically driven perspective and the mapping of 5G coverage to focus on gaining a deeper understanding of how connectivity impacts Nordic and Baltic societies, and its role in addressing modern global trends and wicked problems. 
  1. Promote collaborative networks within the Nordic-Baltic region: Enhance cooperation among stakeholders, strengthen partnerships, and foster a culture of effective collaboration.  
  1. Facilitate communication and technical discussions on 5G, 6G and other technological advancements, challenges, and emerging trends specifically tailored to the Nordic-Baltic regulatory landscape. 
  1. Leverage prior N-B 5G MT project platforms to further the discussion: Use the 5G Data Hub and the DIGIHUB as tools to actively promote discussions on connectivity, challenges, and opportunities across different geographical contexts.